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Date: 03 July
Time: 11am GMT

Are your services getting disrupted due to DDoS Attacks often? However have no maintenance window to fix the issue?

Then this webinar is for you!

Unlike other network devices or services, DDoS Mitigation Solutions are not ‘Plug & Play’ and are inherently vulnerable.

That is why the industry average DDoS Mitigation Gap (vulnerabilities) is as high as 48%, meaning that companies with DDoS mitigation solutions are most likely to experience downtime or service disruption in 1 of every 2 DDoS attacks regardless of which DDoS mitigation solution they have (Cloud Scrubbing, On premise protection (CPE) or Hybrid solutions)! In this webinar we will discuss :

  • Why DDoS Mitigation solutions are inherently vulnerable?
  • How can you identify and quantify DDoS Mitigation Vulnerabilities?
  • How to perform DDoS Testing without disturbing operations or with no maintenance window?
  • How DDoS Mitigation Solution is advanced with Continuous 24/7 DDoS Mitigation Gap Detection & Non-disruptive Testing.

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