SIEM Managed Security Services

Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Managed Security Service delivers a comprehensive technical and operational service through which we communicate security status and help our clients meet compliancy requirements. Our service seamlessly integrates with your network and can be up running within days, not months. We deliver instant results through visibility of events and analysis on a live dashboard with in-depth reporting. The pro-active monitoring SIEM service is run by our fully ISO27001 accredited 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) where the highly skilled security engineers will carry out monitoring, management and incident response to security events and alerts.

Benefits of our SIEM Managed Security Service

  • Improve productivity/effectiveness of the solution by proactively maintaining and monitoring the tool
  • 24/7 intelligent analysis by dedicated GIAC Certified Digital Forensic Security Engineers (SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Networking and Security) Institute)
  • SLA - Measurable Escalations – industry leading SLAs
  • Service based on ITIL3 framework

Dashboards are available out-of-the-box and we deliver customisable dashboards to each and every customer based on their requirements

  • Collect logs from multiple locations into a central system: This enables numerous receivers to feed into one central system for monitoring and reporting.
  • Summarise key incidents: Critical events and alarms are reported to the client, in turn decreasing the period and resource.
  • Correlate critical events: A pro-active holistic approach that ensures threats are identified where individual devices alone may not detect them.
  • Report on incidents: A full reporting engine and dashboard is built into Caretower’s MSS SIEM service, providing clients with real-time visibility and historic reporting activity.
  • Take immediate and suitable remediation activities: This minimises the implication of threats on our client’s network and allows our Incident Response Team to recommend/take immediate action.
SIEM Managed Security Services

To find out more about how our SIEM Managed Security Service can support your business, call us on 020 8372 1000 or contact us here.

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