Professional Digital Forensics

The Digital Forensics service utilises Encase software for investigation and analysis of hard drives and memory of an infected system. The whole unit, or just the infected hard drive, can be forwarded for analysis and investigation of the hard drive and memory.

Forensic investigation will be carried out on the system unit or hard drive to determine the root cause of the infection, and once analysis is complete a report produced outlining the type and cause of infection.

  1. Triage

    EnCase Forensic gives investigators the ability to quickly view and search potential evidence in order to determine whether further investigation is warranted. All metadata is preserved during triage and collection, maintaining evidence integrity. In addition, all data is stored in a court-accepted EnCase evidence format.
  2. Process

    The EnCase Forensic evidence processor offers industryleading processing speed to rapidly bring you every shred of potential evidence, then makes it easier than ever to search and categorise.
  3. Search

    More critical evidence can be uncovered than ever before using the advanced search capabilities in EnCase Forensic to identify data that would be irretrievable with other digital forensics solutions. Encase Forensic gives you the ability to search the tens of thousands of files that exist on a computer with a variety of comprehensive search choices, including:
    • GREP
    • Conditional
    • Boolean
    • Word searches
  4. Collect

    EnCase Forensic helps you acquire more evidence, faster than any product on the market.
  5. Analyze

    Once potential evidence has been acquired, EnCase Forensic facilitates easy analysis of the following, to determine whether or not a crime may have been committed:
    • Where the data originated
    • Which type of user activity created the data
    • When the data was last accessed
    Important pieces of potential evidence can be bookmarked for quick access and inclusion in reports later in the investigation.
  6. Report

    With the most powerful, flexible reporting tool of any digital investigations platforms, EnCase Forensic provides the important capabilities that ensure an important comment, bookmark, or other piece of important information are never missed when producing and sharing a report. The easy-to-understand templates in EnCase Forensic can be used for any case and any audience. Reports can be fully customize with the Report Template Builder.

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