Penetration Testing

Prevent infiltration and attacks by analysing and identifying threats to your information assets and mitigate the risk with a remediation plan.

In today's challenging and dynamic environment, Risk and Compliance are becoming even more strategic and business critical

Mandatory industry regulations and government legislation make it increasingly problematic for organisations to become fully compliant and audit-ready to mitigate risks.

Our team of leading experts are fully equipped to provide Internal Audits and Security Assessments including vulnerability assessments and penetration testing for both internal and external facing end points.

Penetration Tests

Our certified experts follow common Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) as well as innovative methodologies to assess the posture of various aspects of a company’s digital infrastructure. Attack vectors that are evaluated include: 

  • Red Team Assessment

  • Cyber Attack Simulation

  • Network Infrastructure Testing

  • Web Application Testing

  • Mobile Application Testing

  • Wireless Security Testing

  • Social Engineering

  • Firewall Audits

  • Image Build Review

  • Security Awareness Training

Why choose our Penetration Testing service

  • Secures your network’s critical infrastructure

  • Prevents data leakage and viruses

  • Prevents ID theft

  • Stops website hacks

  • Helps you protect and retain your customers

Caretower are CREST Certified Penetration Testing Experts

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Common Issues Identified

  • Proper network segmentation

  • Missing operating system security patches

  • Logial network access control implementations

  • Missing security patches from 3rd party products

  • Logical network access control implementations

  • Perimeter security

  • Server and host misconfiguration issues

  • Weak password policies in carious services

  • Non supported or outdated software

  • Secure application deployment

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