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Bradford Community Housing:

Just another example of the high quality fantastic support/service received from OMNIQUOD. For the whole month of June 2006, Incoming Email Total = 51207, Outgoing Email Total = 19832, Inbound Blocked Virus = 647 (100% Success), Inbound Blocked SPAM = 7623

K. Z.
Network Administrator

Scottish Ambulance Service:

E-Mail Management was a time consuming task with scanning for Viruses and SPAM clogging up our Network. Using Mailwall Remote we have been successful in stopping 100% of Viruses and over 95% of SPAM coming into the Network, as a result my time is no longer spent continually fire-fighting Mail issues.

3500 Mailbox Users (Largest Ambulance Service in UK)
Using Mailwall Remote for three years

B. H.
Scottish Ambulance Service


The service has been successful in stopping a huge amount of SPAM and inappropriate material reaching our desktops - 70% of email heading our way is SPAM and a very small proportion has virus and inappropriate material. That is about 3000 emails a day that are stopped. As a service I would give them 9.5 out of 10.

250 Mailbox User (Global Supplier of Visual Display Systems)

R. B.
IT Manager

H. C. ICT:

Can I please pass my thanks onto Alex who worked along side my team over the weekend, is role as our technical guru was critical to us being able to make progress. He worked tirelessly and played a significant part in bringing us to the current status of being near certain of having illuminated the Conficker virus from our organisation. Our gratitude is immense

Thank you to for helping to make this possible.

S. T.
Infrastructure Manager

Yule Catto Plc:

After a great deal of research the Yule Catto Group purchased from Caretower on behalf of sixteen of its Operating Companies spanning eight countries. Caretower were chosen because they, uniquely, offered a competitive price, extensive product knowledge, implementation consultancy, training, on-going support and formal software supplier recognition.

The sales process was efficient with Caretower quickly recognizing and responding to the key Yule Catto requirements. The two-day training and demonstration sessions showed how the new virus scanner and management program should be deployed and, with the additional aid of the documentation provided, the companies were able to install the software independently.

Ongoing support has been good and Caretower has answered telephone calls promptly and provided the necessary information. Proactive calls to check on their own performance are much appreciated and demonstrate a confidence in their ability to provide a quality service.

One site of 120 network users suffered from a virus attack during the Roll out period. Internally we had spent a number of days trying to clear the virus only find that it reappeared later. Caretower were asked to help clear the virus. Immediately a consultant was made available and his knowledge and attitude were refreshing. He was soon able to develop a plan, improve operational techniques, and clear the virus completely.

I would not hesitate to recommend Caretower as a supplier of the software.

P. C.
Group It Director

National Theatre:

For the past six years, Caretower has provided the National Theatre with anti-virus solutions both client and server based.

Now with the ongoing challenge of working towards the new technologies, the National Theatre have purchased some other systems in order to meet some of the requirements of the standard.

Caretower's customer care, technical support and training sessions have been of high professional and quality standard, proving that there has been a need for the National Theatre to remain a customer of theirs for nearly seven years.

L. G.
IT Security & Projects Officer

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service:

Very happy with the effectiveness of the IronKey technology South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service's IT security staff went on to praise Caretower's involvement in keeping their data and systems secured: "Caretower were heavily involved in supporting us in meeting our needs for the service, they are the supplier of our AV security provider for the endpoint and recent pen testing, we are very happy in the service and are confident in the support they give us; They are very good at advising us on solutions to everyday problems."

ICT Officer


I would also like to mention that your support has been very, very impressive and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to colleagues as well as clients, in fact when our new web site is up, would you like a link?


A. G. UK:

How long have you used Caretower and would you use them again in the future?
We have been with Caretower from 2009, and they have become a partner of excellence, readability, where we have received help, support and advice beyond what a normal company will do.

I will say, they really care about the relation with the customer, they go a step further to make sure products, services, and business relation are always kept in the best conditions, you can request help about almost everything and they will have the best disposition to help you, not matter what.

Do you take advantage of the support services that Caretower provide and if so has this been a good experience?
Yes, we do use their support and I can assure you that is really good, friendly and relatively fast and reliable.

How would you rate Caretower when comparing to other suppliers - Worse than average, About Average or Above Average?
I will say that their support and service is beyond any expectations

H. A.
Head of Information Security, Audit & Compliance

Penetration Test Testimonial:

As a SME we don't have a large IT department and although we have the various hardware and software protections in place for our network I didn't have anything that could tell me if they were effective or not. The penetration test performed by Caretower and the associated report, provided me with the reassurance that I needed that our measures are working but in addition and more importantly for us details of areas where security could be improved.

Director of Finance