Trading Places

Trading PLaces

2009 was a significant year for the world when the Global Finance Crisis unfolded, causing significant positive future outcomes. 7 years later this has made the world, in my, opinion a more challenging world to work within but the rewards are greater, allow me to elaborate with personal experiences.

The past couple of weeks I've held client meetings with 3 large global companies (confidentiality prevents naming them) concerning Information Security and Cyber Security. The people I met with are senior security management (CISO,CIO,CTO level) whose responsibilities include – mitigation of risk, brand reputation, client loyalty, security improvement programmes and 'The Preservation of Profit'.

'The preservation of profit' raised for me a number of queries (that's how I am), this lead to a general conversation and to a more intriguing and challenging proposition being presented.

The client asked 'How do we improve the services for our clients, who fundamentally call the shots of whether we are awarded their business or not?' They explained "In other words preventing the dilution of the senior management's personal bonus (pay cheques), if we are to make changes, we have to ensure that we are providing a tier 1 level of Cyber Security, Adding Value, Saving Money however we don't have the opportunity to increase our internal resources."

This presented a new opportunity for me, to offer a principal proposal together with a price against these new demands (they are not 'New' per se but now realistic) but also allowed me to trial whether, if they were wanting me to meet their objectives, would they in turn be willing to meet mine, a skill I learnt from Scotwork 'Over and Under'.

The world of commerce has forever changed, the profiteering that once was, is now affecting the senior management big bonuses personally, whereas once upon a time the money being spent was the company's.

If like me, you’re the 'Salesperson' then there are golden rules to meet with these new challenges. You should try, in your opening gambit be courageous to include the words - Openness, Transparency & No Bull and if you know me and we’ve met then maybe you're nodding.

Trading places is making a revival, the client’s position has changed and so have their agendas and their expectations require calibrating. Empathy goes a long way to draw closer to engagement and with resounding success, be willing to challenge the status quo, place a price against a demand and don’t fear the 'Bullish' they may change to 'Bearish'.

Jonathan Posner
Enterprise Account Manager

Trading Places

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