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Jul 16, 2019 Admin

Managed Security Services (MSS)

It could change your whole perspective on effective security and we at Caretower are leaders in this particular field of expertise with over 20 years of internationally certified experience providing vendor independence for an enviable customer base. Moreover, Caretower’s managed services provide a pool of multiple skills; forensic, network, firewalls, endpoint, script developers as part of the overall service provision.


Why use Caretower’s MSS instead of "doing it yourself"?

The data threat landscape is evolving day-by-day and that only increases the risk of cyber-attacks. According to some security organisations, security and malware attacks doubled to over 8 billion in 2018. Other security organisations estimate cybercrime will costs businesses over $2 trillion by the year 2020.

Organisations dealing with sensitive data of clients has a high risk of cyber-attack. To protect your organisation’s confidential data, you need a systematic approach to manage security needs.

Organisations with limited staff and low budget might find the increasing costs of security management becoming prohibitive. Managed Security Service Providers such as Caretower help such organisations with not only cost-efficient threat detection and expert support to keep the business safe from those “actors”.


But what are the real benefits of using Caretower’s MSS?

  1. Intrusion detection: The key to protection starts with intrusion detection gathering and analysing information from various areas within a network to identify possible security contravention.

  2. Security monitoring services: In security monitoring, the warnings of intrusions are collected, analysed and escalated.

  3. SIEM: Caretower’s SIEM is second to none helping businesses achieve complete threat visibility by monitoring and analysing every activity happening on your network infrastructure.

  4. Security audits: Security auditing is an assessment of a system or application of an organisation. Caretower’s vulnerability and Penetrations service provides those critical assessments and understanding of client networks and how best to manage your security expectation.

  5. Knowledge and expertise: Managed security services provider possess staff skilled in security management with updated knowledge. These experts work 24x7 for detecting threats in your infrastructure and updating them from time to time. With over 50 engineers at hand supported by proactive customer management, our clients can rely upon Caretower to safeguard their data.

  6. Save time & Space: Organisations need not deploy more resources just to detect threats and manage security. Employing new people, training them becomes very time & space consuming. This issue can be solved by simply delegating the work to the Caretower MSS team which will eradicate the need to worry when we have all the resources to hand.

  7. Latest security tools: Caretower’s managed security services as mentioned above, provide updated technology required in threat detection and performing audits. It is very difficult for all organisations to have such high technology within the organisation and update it frequently. Delivery of this state of the art technology is handled by our SOC (Security Operations Centre) who at any time service the needs of over 100 clients at any one time.

  8. Early threat detection: Because of early threat detection and protection, it gets easy for businesses to focus on their main functions and leave the security concerns to Caretower.

  9. Cost saving/ budget friendly: For small and middle-level organisations, security management gets out of budget since it requires high technology, 24x7 monitoring, expertise, and time! So, for cost feasibility, our security management services are cost effective and competitive. In the long run, our clients save money by relying upon us instead of using valuable budgets to achieve the same result.

  10. Multiple technologies: It is essential that your MSS provider can deliver your bespoke security needs and we at Caretower have ability to simultaneously manage multiple vendor technologies using our own developed technology. This ability to support multiple technologies also provides our clients additional worry free security controls to all current firewalls & endpoints deployed on any network.

So, there you have it. The benefits are there. The Caretower service is cost effective and our knowledge and skills support your needs as a business when it comes to cyber-security in a threat lead landscape that has become the internet.

As managed service providers, we know the benefits and advantages of the services we offer and it is our job to help our clients see them as well. By better understanding what they are looking for and how we can best support their business, we are able to tailor our offerings and approach to better meet those needs.

For more information about Caretower’s dedicated and bespoke service click here or calls us on +44 208 372 1000 to discuss your needs.

Published by Admin July 16, 2019