Life Off Grid

Life Off Grid

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What would happen if your life were to become off grid, stagnant, due to not having access to the basic essentials such as hot water, sanitised water, lighting, cooking utensils etc…

On 5th January 2016, power companies in the Ukraine, were hit with a cyber attack that gave intelligent black hat hackers, the control of partial areas of the nation’s national power grid for hours. Fortunately the employees overrode the system to manual to bring the affected areas back on grid.

Hackers are advancing in their abilities of sophistication with real-time severe disruption, this is not just a cyber attack, this is cyber war – it's personal.

The need to always be online and connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, is all of our minimal expectation. However, without preventative measures, the exposure to attack and vulnerability is unquantifiable.

UK PLC are now months away from enforcing their new and improved legislative programme, GDPR. This will be safeguarding businesses and their employees from cyber attacks and cyber war, but the key differentiator between the old version and the new one, is that if there aren't measurable deliverables, then those who are affected will be financially penalised and more worryingly, have to publically announce that they've been hacked. How do you put a price on brand reputation?

Fear not, scaremongering this isn't. This is a real threat to us all in our personal and working lives, however we can batten down the hatches but without causing too much disruption.

Life off grid for some would be an adventure, but for most, it would be hellish.

Jonathan Posner
Cyber Security Enterprise Account Manager

Life Off Grid

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