Don't Ask = Don't Get

Don't Ask = Don't Get

Whilst travelling into the work the other day, I was listening to Radio 2 Breakfast with Chris Evans, who has a segment especially for kids aged circa 6-11, calling in to tell him what they’ll be doing 'For The First Time'.

A young caller no more than 9 years old, explained that he, his brother and his dad had just been to Anfield 'For The First Time', to watch their team Liverpool F.C v Manchester United. Unfortunately they lost 0-1 due to a Wayne Rooney 78th minute winning goal (Stuffy Gets – I'm a Manchester City Fan #CTID).

Chris asked the young boy how he felt, scoring it between 0-10? He gave himself an 8 out of 10.

The next part is the fantastic.

The boy told Chris that he felt sad that Liverpool lost although it was a great night out with his family, but 'You Know What Would Make It A 10 Out of 10?' asked the boy. 'If you were to give me 3 free tickets to be a guest at the 'Top Gear' live recordings.'

Chris paused, laughed and replied with 'what the hell, sure you can have 3 tickets' and then went on to say 'If You Don’t Ask, You Don't Get'

Lessons learnt by a 9 year old

  • No Fear
  • Straight forward question
  • Asking for something realistic
  • Maximising the opportunity

These are traits that as you become older, you tend to give up, you’re more aware, educated and perhaps afraid to push the boundaries for fear of rejection and be made to feel inadequate.

Richard Branson wrote a book titled 'Screw It, Lets Do It', in other words what’s the worst that can happen by not asking or giving something a go 'For The First Time'

Jonathan Posner
Enterprise Account Manager

Don't Ask = Don't Get

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