Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles

A couple of weeks back. I was privileged to be invited as a friend of Scotwork to attend ‘The HR Directors Business Summit’ in Birmingham, UK.

The opening of the 3 day event was headlined by ‘Howard Webb MBE’ who introduced us to his life as a professional referee and his personal experiences at club level, country level and refereeing the final of the last World Cup. He explained that throughout his career he was asked to draw upon all of his skills, expertise and knowledge, and within a matter of seconds conclude a decision that would ultimately come from his ‘gut’.

Imagine deciding the difference between a free kick or a penalty in front of 1 billion viewers watching his hand reach for either a card or pointing to the penalty spot – Oy Vey!

HR people are typically not my first port of call, to be perfectly honest surrounding Information Security and Cyber Security, however, the opportunity to understand their roles and responsibilities gave me ample insight and awareness to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. HR and I.T do talk with one another.

People collaborate with people. People engage with like-minded people.

Take for example a scenario whereby there’s been an internal breach such as a ‘Phishing Attack’, commonly stemming from clicking on what looked like a bonafide and genuine link as part of the email. Once it’s been clicked it’s too late, the hackers are now on the inside of your company’s network and use the entry point as the host to cast their attack of malicious ‘Ransomware’.

Both IT and HR will call upon one another’s team of experts, to mitigate the risks of exposure of the individual and/or the company and investigate whether the attack was internal or external.

There lies the collaboration, there lies the opportunity.

If you’re planning a security improvement programme or a new strategy of your cyber security, my advice would be talk with HR. Their input could be of more value than you thought and be the trigger to empower you to trail blaze the saddles

Jonathan Posner
Cyber Security Enterprise Account Manager

Blazing Saddles

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