Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday

I’m in the very fortunate position of being a father to 3 wonderful children, who’ve respectively started their new academic years with all the enthusiasm and vigor of a 10 year old, 7 year old and 5 year old should.

To incentivise them to have a successful first term I dangled a proposition of trade, if they all gain great reports and obtain 100% attendance, then I would get us a special joint Chanukah present – to note, this includes myself, work hard/play hard.

An XBOX One or 360 is one item (undecided – help me make a decision) with a selection of games that we can play together or independently.

HistoryBlack Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November). Since the early 2000s, it has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the US.

Here in the UK, retailers have taken note of this lucrative opportunity. This year it’s on 27th November. The who’s who are already gearing up for the phenomena that its become, sending me notifications to join their subscription for tailoring a wish list – expectations to total in excess of £1-2.5BN worth of online purchases for 2015.

BUT – it’s big for a reason.

The cyber hacktivists (SIC), terrorists, attackers whatever they call themselves, are planning their strategic approach to cause decimation and if possible infiltrate the retailer’s e-commerce sites and systems with infectious malware and all kinds of malicious nasties. The cost of the clean up last year was in excess of £2-4BN within the UK, a number which is likely to be circa £3-6BN for 2015.

So how can you prevent against these groups and individuals – good question, right?

Technology is certainly going to help, however, nothing will replace the human expert, sat in a disused WWII bunker somewhere in the countryside, watching and analysing the entire global network using their trained eyes including forensic tools for anomalies and unusual traffic.

There are cyber security teams ready to be your 24/7/365 extended team to monitor and proactively react.

Types of Attack

  • DDOS is certainly a tactic for penetration, in other words bombard the web services with so many requests that it just can’t cope and falls offline.
  • Malware, like for like websites that are in fact spoof.
  • Links on emails that look genuine enough but is a spear phishing attack.
  • Social media injections in embedded links that are shared using shortening URL’s.

In conclusion, ‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’ in my opinion, it’s a false economy not to have a secure and robust prevention measure in place.

‘Cyber Security Insurance’ doesn’t cut it as there’s only a handful of companies in the UK that offer such a policy. How can they genuinely quantify the cost of recovery? It’s almost like an ‘Act of G-d’, insurmountable.

Consideration to the retailers – If you’re providing the service and products, then you should be thinking of us the customer and ensuring our customer experience (not just for Black Friday) will be secure and fun.

I’m not put off, nor should you. I won’t be missing out on Black Friday, I will be purchasing either the XBOX One or XBOX 360 with games and accessories (secretly i’m more excited than they are).

Jonathan Posner
Enterprise Account Manager

Black Friday

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