Cyber Essentials certification

GDPR Training and awareness appreciation. A key to success

In the current environment of cyber-threats, safeguarding your position within your "supply chain" is vital for demonstrating to your clients that not only are you GDPR compliant post May 2018, but cyber security is equally important and at the top of your business priorities.

Recently I was asked to put together a proposal for a client interested in becoming a certified Cyber Essentials registered company. My reaction was, "you can't go wrong with that plan of action".

The whole process and certification is a government backed initiative and in some circumstances, tendering for a Government contract requires Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certification. Likewise, obtaining certification reassures customers that you are working to secure your IT against cyber-attack and it will allow your company to attract new business with the promise, not only do you have the policies in place according to GDPR/DPA 2018 but you have cyber security measures in place, therefore providing a clear picture of your organisation's cyber security level of protection.

Is Cyber Essentials certification a waste of time? Definitely not and as time progresses, intrusion protection will become a key question that your clients will ask and how you are prepared. Cyber Essentials is a tool that can demonstration your readiness.

Caretower provides world class solutions dedicated to cyber security. Through the GDPR department we can also roll out a dedicated Cyber Essentials project tailored to your company’s needs. Think about it, can you demonstrate compliance, readiness and certification for your clients in the supply chain?

Steven Davies
MIET, MBCS, Security & GDPR Specialist

Cyber Essentials certification

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