GDPR Training and awareness appreciation. A key to success.

GDPR Training and awareness appreciation. A key to success

With my considerable experience of training people in the IT and TV industry, I have noticed that many companies have not understood, that with GDPR comes the essential requirement to carry out staff training and awareness appreciation regarding the practical deployment of the regulations. Some researchers have suggested that 30% of sales and marketing staff have received no training for GDPR so far.

One of the biggest priorities when it comes to GDPR compliance revolves around staff training. For sales and marketing staff in particular, regular training in key skills belonging to consumer data management, customer engagement, regulation compliance and accountability is essential.

GDPR compliance is an ongoing journey that didn't end on May 25. Industry professionals must continue to learn and adapt as they get to grips with the new legislation. This being the case, whilst many organisations might have implemented GDPR successfully and consider themselves able to demonstrate compliance, there is more to come with the shake-up of legislation covering electronic marketing, under the ePrivacy Directive, which will replace the Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR).

Post May 25th is not a time to relax but to realise that staff training and awareness appreciation is subject to ongoing approaches, fresher courses and evolution. Just because organisations might think “it’s all done and dusted” the success of a project is realising compliance has only just started.

Time and money has been spent and with Caretower being your partner for training and awareness appreciation, we will work with you to meet the needs of your business moving forward and support your investment and hard work in compliance to date.

Steven Davies
Security & GDPR Specialist with Caretower and is a member of the IET and Chartered Institute of IT.

GDPR Training and awareness appreciation. A key to success.

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