Statement Concerning Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

We do not believe that that this outbreak will have a direct impact on the services we provide.

We at Caretower continue to closely monitor developments with respect to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have been taking steps to ensure the safety and wellness of our employees including travel restrictions (both internationally and domestically), reviewing business continuity plans, prudently evaluating the need and attendance at group gatherings and working to implement visitor guidelines for those coming to our UK and Bulgarian office location.

We have also established a team that is working to determine the appropriate measures which should be taken during this event. This team will help guide our actions in responding to a potential UK and Bulgarian outbreak including measures to reduce spread of the illness and maintaining business continuity.

Questions & Answers

1. Have we performed an internal risk assessment?

As part of our business continuity plan, our compliance department in conjunction with operations and support have performed a risk assessment. To counter any potential impact based upon the risk assessment, all staff are being allocated the technical and operational means to work remotely whilst maintaining a normal service and Caretower has suitable resources to respond at any service threat.

2. SOC services. Are they at risk?

The Caretower SOC service will run without any impact to managed services. This is achieved through Caretower’s investment in resources and staffing levels and is backed up by dual location redundancy that provide additional resources.

3. Will there be an impact upon our suppliers?

We are working closely with our suppliers to determine any potential impacts or delays and we remain committed to providing the superior service and support that our customers have come to expect of our company throughout this situation.

4. How are we managing Visitors to the office?

No visitors who have returned from a category 1 or 2 country on the governments list of specified countries and areas within the last 14 days’ and areas with implications for returning travellers or visitors arriving in the UK; including the whole of Italy which was added recently will be allowed into the office whether they are showing symptoms of the coronavirus or not.

In addition before we allow visitors to the office they must complete a questionnaire confirming they have not travelled or come into contact with anyone who has travelled to any of the affected areas and they are symptom free. Anyone showing even mild symptoms of cold or flu are not permitted into the office whether they have travelled or not.

We are currently not permitting visitors into the office except in exceptional circumstances and only if they have met the above criteria.

5. Has Caretower’s Compliance Officer formally assessed the risk?

Our Compliance Officer has formally assessed the risks to the business and to our clients and concluded that the risk is LOW. Should there be a notable change in the assessed risk, an update to this statement will be communicated.

If you require further information on our response to Coronavirus you can contact your account manager or Caretower’s Compliance officer.