Rampdale wanted their to have the best tool to protect their customers personal data and a constant overall view of their IT security situation

Business Profile




Rampdale is an insurance broker leader in bike, motorbike and scooter insurance for more than 25 years. In order to better meet its customers’ expectations and needs, the company started extending its portfolio by offering household and car insurance.

When it comes to customer service and attitude, Rampdale has a continuity of service with more than 80% of its employees having been with the company in excess of six years, and loyal employees bring loyal customers.

Making clients happy is not just about attitude, it is also about a commitment to innovation and reaction to changing customer expectation and demand – this is why Rampdale always likes to “go the extra mile” for its customers. Like the mobile application allowing clients to register a claim via their phone, or creating the facility for their customers and motorcycle dealers to buy and sell their motorcycles and scooters online. Customer care and professionalism are the main priorities of Rampdale.

Business Requirement

In the insurance business, data security must be of the highest priority. Rampdale is really serious about the responsibility of keeping its customers’ information, sent to, and stored on their machines safe.

“We want our customers to feel safe with our insurance solutions but we also want to have the best tool to protect their personal data. Nowadays all kind of information is continuously flowing via internet and our goal was to find the best way to protect our servers and endpoints. Comparing different solutions brought us to the point where we concluded that the best protection on the market is VirusScan Enterprise by McAfee. VSE 8.8 has a solution against known threats like rootkits, botnets, viruses, spam etc. One of the important features are the access protection rules. With this feature we have peace of mind that the rules set by the IT department are enforced and can’t be changed by unauthorised users. EPolicy Orchestrator is the console through which we can manage the settings of all our McAfee products and it is really flexible when it comes to reporting. This console has vast possibilities and Caretower’s engineers are helping us extract the best features according to our needs.”

Says Lee Martin, IT Manager of Rampdale

Business Solution

Advanced products require advanced knowledge and experience. Caretower is experienced in providing the best IT security solutions for each business together with an industry leading technical support service to theUK IT security market.

Regarding Caretower Managed Security Service, Lee Martin made the following comments:

“Caretower’s Security Operations Center is available 24/7 and more important it has experienced engineers which are able to take the best from each product they manage. Malware incidents are handled very proficiently from the Caretower SOC specialists. They undertake the necessary actions to protect our systems and we are counting on their professionalism and dedication.”

The Managed Security Service by Caretower allows the customer to have a constant overall view of its own IT security situation. In case of non-compliant machine or threat, Caretower’s engineers receive notification and start processing it according to laid down procedures. Caretower’s engineers have deep technical knowledge about the products they manage and they are constantly updating it according to the newest findings and developments in the IT security field.

“Right from the beginning of our partnership with Caretower we trusted the installation and the configuration of our McAfee products to their team. The appointed engineers did a great job without even visiting our premises, all of the work was done remotely. All queries and issues that we have during our partnership are handled fast and in a professional manner. We are impressed with the level of their support and knowledge. Caretower’s engineers’ extensive experience with McAfee products assures us that all issues will be handled in the best possible way.”

MSS by Caretower helps companies achieve better compliance in order to meet particular state regulation or internally set up goals. Constant communication with the customer and clear procedures regarding problem solving and change management assure all customers that there will not be any unpleasant surprises.

“Insurance and IT security companies have something in common. Both of them prove if they are reliable when problematic situation appears. During this one year of partnership with Caretower we have had many chances to test their reliability and today we are happy to say that they are a partner to whom we can trust our IT security.”

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