Keltbray understand that in IT Security, prevention is extremely important. They wanted to take a proactive approach b y selecting a Managed Security Service (MSS) provider to add value to and protect the business.

Business Profile




Keltbray Group is a UK leading company specialising in engineering, construction, demolition, remediation, decommissioning, rail and environmental services. The company was established in 1976 and has since experienced steady growth, gaining trust among its customers. Keltbray, with staff of nearly 1,000 people, takes pride in delivering projects safely and to high standards. Keltbray is committed to the development of its core business, but is also socially responsible and embraces initiatives that protect and enhance the environment, and help to provide a good workplace for its people.

Business Requirement

According to the McAfee Labs Threat Report (a leading source for threat research, threat intelligence and cybersecurity), cyber espionage would continue to increase in frequency in 2015. The report also predicted that data privacy would remain under attack, and that ransomware would evolve and specifically target endpoints that subscribe mainly to cloudbased storage solutions. With this in mind and the damaging effects that can be caused to the business environment, Keltbray subscribed to Caretower’s Managed Security Service in September 2014. In regards to Caretower’s Managed Security Service, Thea Pretorius said:

“For me, as Group IT Manager in Keltbray, the importance of keeping our systems safe is the highest priority. This is why when our account manager suggested we started using the Managed Security Service (MSS) by Caretower we were interested in what added value it would bring to our business. In IT Security, prevention is extremely important, and we knew that we needed to be proactive. This is exactly what we liked about the MSS – it gives us faster threat detection and remediation, we have higher level of compliance and there are experienced security engineers constantly monitoring our systems”

Business Solution

Keltbray wanted a solution which would help their employees browse safely without limiting their access to the internet. After considering different options and product features, they chose McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise. Based on an intuitive colour coded rating system, SAE gives additional protection to endpoint users even when they are accessing the network remotely. If a person tries to access a website which contains malicious code or other suspicious activity, SAE marks the site in “red” for posing a risk. With this product, Keltbray receives protection against web-based malware like adware, spyware, viruses, and phishing scams.

“At Keltbray we have nearly 1,000 people, who are our most valuable resource. As a result we felt it was extremely important to protect them from the many dangers that can come from web surfing. We need to keep safe without limiting our internet access. With Site Advisor Enterprise (SAE) we don’t have to impose complicated restrictive policies, it relies on McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, a cloud –based rating service that continually scans the sites for malware and color-rates them. The deployment of SAE was executed by Caretower engineers and it was done fast with the configuration that we needed”
Commented Thea Pretorius regarding McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise.

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