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Artificial Intelligence, not to be mistaken for the Steven Spielberg film, is becoming a serious threat.

The EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework facing suspension. Is it broken for good?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in many respects the latest technology to become caught up in what has been a long-running battle between the cyber-criminals and the good guys, IT professionals, cyber-defenders, national agencies and data protection experts.

AI offers both sides the opportunity to counter each other with threat intelligence led counter-attacks, where both sides become aware and creative enough to evaluate each other’s capabilities and vulnerabilities.

On the one hand, there are already great strides being made by cyber security vendors to use the technology by deploying machine learning to block spam, assess web reputation, spot malicious social media activity as well as address BEC attacks.

However, the bad guys are also investing heavily. A high proportion of IT security professionals fear AI will be used to attack their company. AI could be used to automate the discovery of system vulnerabilities, making the launch of cyber-attacks cheaper and more effective. The bad guys could also use the technology to make phishing emails more realistic by learning and then mimicking the writing style and messaging behaviour of corporate users and their contacts.

If you haven't already done so, investigate solutions that are on the market, but more than anything, prepare your company as AI becomes the forefront of cyber security threats, by reading up on the design and execution of such an attack. Keep your solutions up-to-date and undertake more staff training so they are made aware that, just because you might have great defences in place, you, your staff and the company, are not immune.

Steven Davies
MIET, MBCS, Security & GDPR Specialist